Finland food
Many Finnish gather around their barbecue hut and enjoy grilled sausages, Nakki or Makkara. Nakki is much smaller then Makkara.

Perro Caliente

Venezuela food
Literally, “Perro” and “Caliente” are the word for “hot” and “dog”. Hot dogs are also popular in Latin America include Venezuela. Cooked sausage is usually served in a long roll.

Sausage flour

Papua New Guinea food
This Sausage flour is one of popular delicacy in PNG. Sausage is placed in center of dough and fold bread dough around sausage to completely enclose, then baked in the oven until done.

Krvavica, Pecenica

Slovenia food
Most popular Slovenian sausages are Krvavica (blood sausages) and Pecenica (white sausages). They are very popular traditional meat products.


Germany food
The name “Bratwurst” most often refers to a sausage made from pork in a natural way. Bratwurst is common but diverse, as Germany is by area large country. It might go with cold beer.


Germany food
Currywurst, a German national dish and Germany’s No.1 street food, is very famous dish of German origin consisting of hot pork sausage with delicious sauce. Aromatic curry powder is poured over it. Usually it goes with fried potatoes.


South Africa food
Boerewors is a South African version of what is generally reffered to as sausage, pronounced “boor-ah-vorse” which in Afrikaans translates as “Farmer Sausage”. The spiced meat mixture is stuffed and formed into long coils.


Poland food
Bigos is a traditional Polish stew using kapsta (polish sauerkraut, fermented cabbage). Many authentic recipe include tomato, Kielbasa (polish traditional sausage) and meat as main ingredients. Bigos might resemble to Russian Shchi.

Fried rice, Longganisa

Philippines food
Philippine Fried rice is a delicious dish consisting of boiled white rice mixed in a wok with stir-fry oil, black pepper and soy sauce. Sometimes Ajinomoto. In this pict, native sausage Longganisa is added to rice. If someone put garlic into a fried rice, it should not be called Fried rice but “Sinangag na kanin”.


Cocos food
Cocos, an Australian territory, depends numerous amount of foods on its host country. Roll is prepared with meat or sausage, enclosed in a thin dough about 15 cm across and baked. It is one of tne common choice because it is also popular food in Australia.