Philippines food
This is a noodle dish made with thick yellow noodles which are baked, then mixed with meat, shrimps or vegetables. The pork is very popular and it is cooked in soy sauce beforehand. It is also called as Pancit Canton. Often served with Calamansis fruits (simiral with lemon).

Camarão (Camaron)

Mozambique food
Prawn or Shrimp, both of them called Camarão (pron: Camaron) in Portuguese language, is the big export item from Mozambique to the world. Grilled flesh shrimp is a very popular dish in Mozambique. Visit Mozambique if you have always been a fan of prawn/shrimp.

Mee goreng

Mee goreng literally means ‘Noodle fry’. It is one of most popualr food in Malay-related countries. It is made of yellow thick noodle, meat, seafood or vegetable with Chinese dark soy sauce. Shrimp is typical ingredient traditionally and pork meat is prefferd particularly by Chinese and non-muslim inhabitants. It is spelt Mee/mi goreng in Malaysia, and mie/mi goreng in Indonesia.