бефстроганов (Beef Stroganoff)

Russia food
бефстроганов(Beef Stroganoff) was invented by a chef working for a Russian general, Count Pavel Stroganov, in the 1890s. It is a one of the Russian national dish which includes sautéed pieces of beef and served in a sauce with smetana or sour cream.

Draniki драники

Belarus food
Potatoes play a major role in the cuisines of Belarus. драники(Draniki), potato pancakes in English, would be a traditional and most famous national dish in Belarus. This potato pancakes are usually served with smetana (sour cream). I’ve had it with ikra (fish roe).


Azerbaijan food
Although these succulent dumplings reffer to be originated in China, Azerbaijani Perimeni resembles ones in Russia and its surrounding countries. Small dumpling made with thin-skin, chopped lumb meat and some herbs. Fresh sour cream is frequently topped.