Rice and Curry

Sri lanka food
“Rice and Curry” are the staple food in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan food is generally spicy. A typical Sri Lankan meal consists of a “main curry” (fish, chicken or meat) as well as several other curries made with vegetable and lentils. Side-dishes include pickles, chutneys and sambols which can sometimes be fiery hot.

Café touba

Senegal food
This is a specific coffee named after the religious city of Touba in Senegal. It’s coffee has a kick flavor as the coffee beans are ground with “djar”(in wolof language) or “xylopia aethiopica”, generally called Guinea pepper. Served with lots of sugar.


Morocco food
Harira is a soup from the Maghreb region of North Africa that is especially popular as an iftar (fast-breaking) meal during Ramadan (the Islamic month of fasting). It is made of lentils, chickpeas, noodles, egg, turmeric powder and more. This fragrant Moroccan soup will warm your stomach and soul.


Lesotho food
The word “Chakalaka” is translated from the Zulu word which means “all together”. Chakalaka is a simple and spicy dish of onion, tomatoe and hard vegetables such as carrot and green beans. It is typically seasoned with curry powder.

Jerked chicken

Anguilla food
You will find the sweet and spicy flavors on most Caribbean islands. To prepare Jerked chicken (Jerk chicken), chicken meat is marinated with local spices mixture called “Jerk Seasoning” – gives an awesome flavor to meat. Then it is usually baked in oven or steel drum.


Trinidad Tobago food
The Trini specialize in a number of meals based on the combination of spices. “Doubles” which consists of two fried “baras” (flat fluffy dumplings) and curried channa (chickpeas) is yummy street food.

Biryani, Raita

India food
Biryani (also spelled as Briyani) is a kind of rice dish which is highly flavored with spices. Variations in the preparation of Biryani result a spectrum of tastes. It is often eaten as is or with Raita, the famous Indian yogurt with shredded vegetables condiment.

Basturma բաստուրմա

Armenia food
Basturma (բաստուրմա) is a cured meat prepared from beef. Layed of spices give it a bit of a spicy kick. The origin is Armenia and it is widespread to surrounding countries (c.f. Pastrami in Europa).

Mandi مندي

United Arab Emirates food
UAE foods reflect the influence of surrounding areas, such as the Yemeni influenced Mandi (مندي). That’s popular food in Arabian peninsula as well. Its oridin is considered as Hadhramaut as native and many other Yemeni cities. It’s lovable recipe with chicken or lamb, rice ,carrots and spices.

Jerk Chicken

Jamaica food
If there’s any food for which Jamaica is famous worldwide, it’s Jerk Chicken. The flavorful marinade – made with local spices mixture called “Jerk Seasoning” – gives an awesome flavor to meat. It is usually baked in oven or steel drum.


Jamaica food
Jamaica offers a vast variety of dishes influenced by British. One of them, Patty is famous. It is made of minced meat, seafood or vegetables, formed triangle, rectangle or disk shapes by a bit spicy pie dough, and then fried. The surface crust is perfect and flaky.

Stew Chicken

Belize food
Belizian refers to eat much chicken than other diet of the animals. Stew chicken is considered Belizian national dish which contains, along with chicken, spices, tomato, oil and coconut milk in their traditional way. The oyster sauce used might be Chinese influenced and also popular dish.

Stew pork

Anguilla food
Stew pork in Anguilla is a traditional Caribbean dish served on many islands. The pork meat is browned in caramalised sugar in oil to get a rich dark colour and flavour, then cooked with vegetable and mix spices. It was served along with rice and salad.


Dominican Republic food
Habichuela (called ‘Abichuela’) are a ubiquitous stew dish served in the Dominican Republic. It is made of beans and tomatoes, which is added good aromas of herbes or spices. Onion is also used usually. This dish is quite similar with Arabic Fasoulya. Both of the words Habichuela and Fasoulya mean ‘beans’ as well.

Kammonia كموني

Sudan food
Sudanese cooking is extremely both simple and tasty. When those whose taste runs to offal, Kammonia كموني may be the best choice. It is a kind of local stew made from the stomach (sometimes with liver) of sheep, tomato, onions, and some spices. Often served with Eish (Pita-like flat bread) or Kisra (Crepe or Injera-like flat bread). It’s my great favor, so that it was my everyday meal when I was in Sudan.


Guyana food
Traditionally, pepperpot is prepared at Christmas as it is real Guyanese national dish. ‘Cassareep’, a black liquid of cassava root, gives black color and some spices give nice flavor. Meat is well simmerd with it. Don’t confuse Guyanese Pepperpot with the Pepperpot of Jamaica and other Caribbean islands. It won’t be Guyanese one unless it is made with cassareep. In traditional way of serving this would be with Cassava bread.

Foul فول

Yemen food
Foul فول (sometimes spelt ful) is the Arabic word for fava beans or broad beans and Yemeni culinary essentials. A thick soup made of such a beans, tomatoes, onion, garlic and some spices is also called ‘Foul’. It is known as the core culinary for Yemeni people. One of the most perfect Middle Eastern breakfasts there is! thanks!

Saltah سلتة

Yemen food
Yemen’s most famous dish is considered to be Saltah سلتة (also spelt Salta), and Yemeni lunch often consists of it. Ingredients are minced meat and vegetable (eggplant, tomato, okra or onion is mainly used, like Ratatouille in France), and cooked with heat on high, then finally Fenugreek (leaf) puree is topped on. Anyway, a similar dish with much more meat is called ‘Fahsah’.