Vanuatu food
Bunya is the way for cooking in an earth oven with hot rocks. A fire is made and stones are placed in the fire. The meal (pork, chicken, taro, bananas etc) and coconut milk are wrapped with banana leaf and placed on well established embers and hot stones, then slow cooked for hours.


Cook food
Taro root, which is the thick, tuber stalk of the taro plant is an extremely important part of diets in Cook islands. The color is purple, gray or white.

Talo, Pua’a

Samoa food
Talo (Taro in English) is a major nation’s crop which is used for main staple in Samoa. Pig is the best known livestock as pork meat can be described as a most popular meat in Samoa. The name is Pua’a (not Puah), say ‘a’ twice.

Taro, banana, plantain

Guadeloupe food
The word ‘creole’ refers to people of mixed race, for example in Carribean, of African slaves and colonists. Boiled taro, bananas or plantain are staple in creole cuisine.