Somalia food
“Shaah” is the word for tea which has long been the favorite beverage of Somalia. When Somali say it they generally refer to a hot tea beverage with milk and sugar added.

Atai, Ataya

Maritania food
Mauritania has a well-developed tea culture, and Chiniese green tea is by far the most popular tea beverage. The word “Atai” or “Ataya” literally means “The tea” in Arabic, and it is usually made of dried green tea, water, lots amount of mint and sugar. Green tea arrived from China in the 15th century in the holds of the Portuguese sailing ships, and was later adopted by the Moors who drank it with a passion. As a guest you are served three times, don’t hesitate to accept this gesture.

Chai çay

Turkey food
Chai (çay) is a Turkish tea which has distinctive smell that makes everyone relax. Turkish tea is usually served in fascinating glass ware with sugar but not milk.


Mali food
Kinkeliba (also Kenkeliba or Kinkiliba) is a term for a sort of tree in West Africa, its binomial name is Combretum micranthum. The plant is used to make an herbal tea called Kinkeliba as well, and it is now consumed in many West African countries. The color is black, and added sugar to taste.