Pulyka cordon bleu

Hungary food
To make traditional cordon bleu, prosciutto (or other ham) and cheese should be layered in between thin slices of poultry meat then fried. It is similar to the Serbian (Zagreb) schnitzel. Here I post “Pulyka (wild turkey) cordon bleu”.

Huojiroufan 火雞肉飯

Taiwan food
Huojiroufan (hǔojīròufàn, 火雞肉飯), literally means ‘Turkey(火雞)-meat(肉)-rice(飯)’ in order, is the bowl dish of shreddered Turkey meat on plain rice. It is Chiayi 嘉義 City’s speciality but spread out throughout Taiwan. On the other hand, Jiroufan (jīròufàn, 雞肉飯), made of chicken instead, is also popular as well. Here what you see something yellow in this picture is pickled daikon raddish, a common accompaniment in Taiwanese cuisines.