Rice and Curry

Sri lanka food
“Rice and Curry” are the staple food in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan food is generally spicy. A typical Sri Lankan meal consists of a “main curry” (fish, chicken or meat) as well as several other curries made with vegetable and lentils. Side-dishes include pickles, chutneys and sambols which can sometimes be fiery hot.

Les Fondues au Fromage

Switzerland food
Les Fondues au Fromage (in French language), so called ‘Cheese fondue’ globally, is one of typical delicacy in Switzerland. Switzerland might produce much abundant daily product such as various cheese. Swiss people have at least 2 types of Fondue, one include melted cheese like this picture and the other include hot oil so called ‘Oil fondue’.


Indonesia food
The sea is the source for most food in Indonesia. Pallymara is good choice to cook for someone who is always looking for a different kind of seafood soup to try. The soup is flavored with spices and soured by lemon juice or tamarind paste.

Манти (Manti)

Uzbekistan food
Манти (Manti) are a type of Asian dumplings filled with meat or vegetable. In Uzbekistan, they are usually served with a dipping sauce of Katik (yogurt, sour cream).


Moldova food
Varenyky (spelled Вареники) is very popular Moldovan dish, the stuffing for these shells is so varied that recipes get evolved according to the taste palates. Various ingredients such as meat, fruits, potatoes, vegetables can be wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough.


Philippines food
Ginisa is also called as Guisa, Guisado, or Gisado which is one of typical Filipino stir fryed dish. This is a very simple Filipino vegetable dish and a common vegetable meal in every household. In this post, this dish is cooked with simply salt and pepper.


Philippines food
Afritada is another one of those tomato sauce based stews that was introduced in the Philippines by the Spaniards. It is a meat and vegetable stew with tomatoes like Kaldereta but is less spicy and liver paste is not used.


Philippines food
This is a noodle dish made with thick yellow noodles which are baked, then mixed with meat, shrimps or vegetables. The pork is very popular and it is cooked in soy sauce beforehand. It is also called as Pancit Canton. Often served with Calamansis fruits (simiral with lemon).

Mee goreng

Mee goreng literally means ‘Noodle fry’. It is one of most popualr food in Malay-related countries. It is made of yellow thick noodle, meat, seafood or vegetable with Chinese dark soy sauce. Shrimp is typical ingredient traditionally and pork meat is prefferd particularly by Chinese and non-muslim inhabitants. It is spelt Mee/mi goreng in Malaysia, and mie/mi goreng in Indonesia.


Hungary food
Gulyásleves (pronounced goo-yash levesh) is one of the quintessentially Hungarian stewed dish which is made of beef and vegetables. It is often called as just ‘Gulyás’ because ‘leves’ literally means just for the ‘soup’. The people of Hungary had fiercely held onto their national traditions against enemies in their history. An its example refers to be this recipe. Today almost of Hungarian recipes employ Hungarian paprika powder for the color and flavor, but might not be essential as other country usually don’t.

Giros (γύρος)

Greece food
Giros (Greek:γύρος) is a kind of fast food that is sometimes eaten while standing in the street. The name Giros literaly means ‘turn’ in Greek, that’s why its meat is sliced like Shawarma in Israel or Doner kebab in Turkey and so on. Giros meat is stuffed into pita (flat bread) with tzaziki (strained yoghurt with garlic flavor), vegetable salad and fried potato.