Bulgaria food
Bulgarians love yogurt, and Таратор (tarator) is the traditional Bulgarian cold cucumber soup made with yogurt, dill, and garlic creating a refreshing soup for warm summer days.


Cyprus food
While Tzatziki is the best known in Greece, Cypriot also love the food. Tzatziki is a creamy yogurt dip that’s flavored with cucumber and garlic. Herbs such as dill, mint or parley may also be added.

Biryani, Raita

India food
Biryani (also spelled as Briyani) is a kind of rice dish which is highly flavored with spices. Variations in the preparation of Biryani result a spectrum of tastes. It is often eaten as is or with Raita, the famous Indian yogurt with shredded vegetables condiment.


Ivory coast food
Bambara and around people eat Dégué which is mentioned as “millet gruel(porridge) mixed with curds, yogurt and honey”. Street vendors sell it with ice. It was so delicious.